Counter Genuine Rip It Air BBCOR Baseball Bat B1403A

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  • Model: New Bats-00211
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    Rip It BBCOR Air Baseball Bat

    When you try the new Rip It Air BBCOR bat, it is instantly obvious you're swinging faster, hitting the baseball better, and hitting the ball farther. In order to accomplish this, Rip It took several elements of their technology and made them better. They went back to the drawing board and tweaked the material, the weight distribution, and ultimately, the performance of the baseball bat.

    R2 Aluminum Alloy - The R2 Alloy is found in all of the Rip It Air baseball bats. This new alloy allows Rip It to make the walls thinner, make the bat stronger, and make the bat feel lighter and easier to swing with more power.

    Rifle Barrel - Rifle Barrel Technology is used by Rip It to remove excess weight from the inside of the barrel without reducing the overall thickness of the wall on their Air BBCOR bat. This advance in technology is accomplished by using precise instruments to cut a spiral looking groove along the inside of the bat barrel, giving the Air BBCOR a much improved feel, and increasing your swing speed.

    Acoustic Barrel - The barrel is forged and channeled to energize the molecules of the metal to create frequencies conducive to increased power when the baseball is struck.

    Contact Grip - Elimination of vibration is key to increasing your performance. Rip It worked hard to make hitting a baseball more comfortable and enjoyable.

    400 Day Warranty Against Defects - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - BBCOR Certified

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